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Ashampoo Magical Security 2.02

Enhances the security of your computer by encrypting sensitive files
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Ashampoo Magical Security 2 is a simple but powerful data encrypter that enhances the security of your computer. Using a password provided by the user, it encodes a file or a number of files safely, saving them in your computer or allowing you to burn them to CD or DVD for backup and distribution purposes. It also includes a removal utility that completely wipes any file from your computer.

Magical Security 2 will prevent your sensitive information from being accessed and misused by viruses or spyware. It combines its strong algorithm with a password of your choice, which you can change any time the program launches. Both encoding and decoding tasks are performed with just one click. The files resulting from the encoding process overwrite the original ones, changing their original icon and adding .ppenc to their full name, making it easier for you to find encrypted files in different folders.

If you want to keep your encoded files private, Magical Security 2 can create a self-extracting executable file that will make keeping the original files unnecessary. This EXE file is also very convenient for distribution – you can tell the program to create the EXE file, wrap it up into a ZIP file and attach it to an email, all in one single step. Or you can always encrypt individual files or the EXE file directly to CD or DVD and send them out to your friends and colleagues. Only authorized users will be allowed to open the encoded files, keying in the same password you used to encode them.

And if disk space is a problem, the program can also compress the files on the fly during the encryption process, resulting in much smaller PPENC or EXE files.

To make your file system even more secure, Magical Security 2 incorporates a “Wipe” functionality that will remove any file completely, eliminating any possibility of recovering your deleted files.

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